Switch’s pioneering charger OS Josev snapped up by EcoG in a landmark deal for EV charging

Switch’s pioneering charger OS Josev snapped up by EcoG in a landmark deal for EV charging

By selling its innovative operating system Josev to EcoG, Switch benefits from increased market exposure and an enhanced focus on developing the Switch Platform, its cutting-edge charging station management system (CSMS).

  • Switch sells Josev OS to EcoG, forming a strategic partnership for better EV charging.
  • EcoG assumes full operational responsibility for Switch’s Josev team and their cutting-edge products, while Switch collaborates with EcoG on its sale and licensing.
  • Switch will focus on the continued development of the Switch Platform, one of the most advanced CSMS available today.

MUNICH/DETROIT/LONDON, GERMANY/USA/UK, 5 June 2024: Switch has sold its pioneering EV charger OS Josev to EcoG, a global EV charging system leader. The sale frees Switch to focus solely on the Switch Platform, its market-leading Charging Station Management System (CSMS).

Both companies will work together to introduce a complete tech stack to their clients. Switch’s smart and certified AC and commercial vehicle charging solutions (based on the Megawatt Charging System, MCS) will enhance EcoG’s current DC fast charging systems.

At the same time, the partnership with EcoG allows for faster and more dynamic growth of Switch’s complementary cloud-based platform, which is compliant with OCPP 1.6 and already certified for OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO 15118 Plug & Charge. This allows Switch Platform users to diagnose the ISO 15118 communication between EV and charger through its intuitive Ui – an industry-first feature that significantly helps to improve the user experience for EV drivers.

As part of the deal, Switch continues to assist EcoG in the sale of Josev while EcoG will take on Josev’s day-to-day development and maintenance. 

A pivotal moment in the global EV transition

The partnership comes at a critical moment for the EV charging infrastructure market. Following Tesla’s recent scale-back of its infrastructure business, there is now a huge opening in the market for scalable and reliable EV charging solutions. 

With the EV infrastructure market projected to grow to ~$100 billion by 2040, this strategic partnership between two of the industry’s most elite players creates an unmatched charging experience, to be available globally. 

Joining forces to provide seamless EV charging for all

Commenting on the partnership, Marc Mültin, Founder and CEO of Switch said:“My end goal has always been to create a charging experience that surpasses anything available in the market, without the exclusivity that current incumbents rely on. Switch’s products are designed to be open to all charger OEMs and network operators. EcoG shares this vision.

“With EcoG, we can deliver a fully integrated EV charging solution (from EV to charger to backend) based on open standards. We will set a new benchmark for the most robust, scalable and user-friendly charging experience, driven by innovation and a shared commitment to quality and sustainability.”

Dr Joerg Heuer, CEO of EcoG, added:

“The synergy between Switch EV and EcoG is grounded in decades of EV charging industry expertise that both leadership teams bring to the table. This collaboration not only broadens our capabilities by adding AC and commercial charging to our portfolio but also positions us to lead the transition to sustainable transportation.

“EcoG is perfectly poised to leverage Switch’s advanced backend system, the Switch Platform, through this partnership, and further service the EV industry with seamless charging everywhere. We are excited to work with Switch to transform the EV landscape, making sustainable transportation a tangible reality for more communities.”

About Switch

Switch is a fast-growing tech and knowledge company on a mission to fix the broken EV charging ecosystem.

Its cutting-edge Switch Platform is built for public charge point operators, fleet operators and charger manufacturers requiring a powerful, data-rich and intuitive cloud solution to manage their EV charging network.

The built-in App Store includes complementary third-party integrations that help provide a turnkey solution for Switch’s customers across the globe. 

For more information about Switch, its current products and history, visit www.switch-ev.com

About EcoG

International tech company EcoG is working on the rapid and efficient expansion of DC charging stations for electric vehicles. Driving forward energy sustainability. With its reference designs and charge controllers, EcoG specialises in enabling large manufacturers to get products to market quickly and easily. 

With its charging technology, EcoG is already the market leader in Europe with more than 15% market share, growing four times faster than the market last year. It has also been supporting the Indian market for two years.

Its clients include industry giant Siemens and one of the world's largest service station equipment suppliers. It secured a 6 million euro investment in 2023 to accelerate the expansion in the U.S. and a further $1.5M grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to open its US headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

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Press Contact EcoG:

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